Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

From the moment you start to become financially independent you start to accrue a credit rating. Your bank account, whether it’s tied to a debit card or it’s a credit card-based account, is influenced by actions like paying bills on time, taking out loans or going into an overdraft, each of which has the potential to both slowly raise a credit score or lower it. In fact, it’s not hard for a credit rating to decline sharply, which makes building it up a slow and difficult process.  

Whether you’re looking to save up for a mortgage or you need to get approved for leasing a car, you’ll find yourself coming face to face with your credit score. The science and logic behind a credit rating can seem strange and incomprehensible, yet in reality, there are some simple ways that you can ensure that you have a good credit score. Even if you’re in the red, feeling embarrassed about your financial prospects or tackling large debts, there are ways that you can make yourself an appealing prospect to lenders.

This is why a good credit score is so important, as even if you’re burdened with a little bit of credit card debt you’ll still be seen as a more appealing choice for lending money from banks and lenders than someone who has never borrowed money in their life. Gone are the days where simply saving money can guarantee a good credit rating, as lenders need to have proof that you’re capable of borrowing money and paying it back.

With this in mind, we’ll explore some solutions to getting out of a bad credit rating, how to maintain an average credit rating or even strive for an exceptional credit rating.

What Causes Bad Credit (and What to Avoid)?

There are many different contributing factors when considering your overall, fluctuating credit rating, ranging from small introgressions to large black marks on your permanent history. One of the most common ways that you can start to see your credit rating lower is with the relatively innocent issue of failing to pay a bill on time. 

This can sometimes be seen with a kinder eye, such as if a bill is paid swiftly and it something small like a phone bill, but it does still hold the potential to snowball into a major problem if left unchecked. One of the worst missed payments you can make is a rent payment, or even worse, a missed mortgage payment; these are the types of missed payments that can ruin your credit rating.

Some other, less common issues that can see your credit rating fall are CCJs and IVAs. Acronyms for County Court Judgments and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, both CCJs and IVAs are considered terrible for your credit rating as they essentially mean that the court needs to become involved in your finances. In short, CCJs are court-ordered debt repayments, whereas IVAs are debt-repayments that are taken to court yet are voluntarily undertaken. 

These can be amended from your record, yet they take years of effort to do so, as well as confirmation that they have well and truly been dealt with. There are other things that can seriously hamper your credit rating, such as the most severe example of bad credit, declaring bankruptcy, but these are much rarer and can be potentially impossible to remove from your record.

Consulting Exterior Experts

Although it’s wise to do thorough research yourself, enlisting external assistance when seriously looking to improve your credit rating can be worth its weight in gold. This is especially true for anyone trying to improve their credit ratings for the likes of a mortgage, particularly if they’re searching for a lender with the somewhat elusive title of ‘bad credit mortgage’ in mind. It’s these cases where specialists such as Independent Mortgage Advisors can display their strengths, yet there are plenty of other specialists for general financial advice or other specific requirements.

Even with the internet at our fingertips, it can be incredibly hard to find the right information about how to improve your credit rating for specific purposes, yet there’s plenty of useful advice for improving your credit rating in general. Some may be harder methods than others, yet overall they’re worth it for trying to improve your credit score; something that almost any financial expert will back up. 

By seeking out experts, such as Accountants or Financial Advisors, you can gain unbiased advice that can be tailor-made to your situation, thus making it much better and useful for you specifically.

Using Credit Cards Wisely

As aforementioned, in order to accrue a good credit rating, you’ll need to prove to lenders that you’re capable of borrowing money and paying it back promptly. This is why many banks will suggest taking out a credit card when you’re of age as, if handled correctly, they can be incredibly useful tools for improving a credit rating. 

Search for a no to a low-interest credit card with a low limit and only use it for small transactions. Then, continuously pay them back, so that your balance isn’t in the red for too long and is mostly in the black. These small yet significant actions will, bit by bit, show that you’re a reliable lender that can always keep on top of payments.

It can be easy to fall for temptation when using credit cards, such as allowing more and more of your credit to be used up, which is why it’s important to stay on top of repayments. However, should you slip and find yourself making interest-ridden payments whilst in the red with your credit card debt, you should still have the opportunity to improve your credit rating. 

One of the best ways to do this, other than discussing your options with independent financial advisors, is to find a no interest credit card that you can transfer your existing credit card balance to. These can be hard to successfully apply for, but if you can find one then it can result in both an easier way to make repayments as well as a means to do so without having to pay any interest.

Above All Else; Never Miss a Payment and Keep Saving

Regardless of whether it’s a hefty payment for a car on lease or a small direct debit for a monthly service, ensuring that you’re always consistent with payments is one of the best ways of showcasing your reliability to money lenders. It’s easy to let missed payments snowball into a big problem, so ensuring that you keep on top of your direct debit transfers and monthly bills can be one of the greatest ways to improve your credit rating.

Plan out your month and make your life as easy as possible by having any and all bills and payments come out of your account on the same day if possible. It should go without saying that if you’re trying to raise your credit rating or simply get out of debt, you should examine your out-going costs to see if you can cut anything out of your life. Until you’re in a safer place financially, the likes of subscriptions and charity payments should probably be cancelled or put on hold.
While primarily saving money in itself isn’t particularly effective at increasing your credit score; it’s what you used the savings for that counts. If used in conjecture with other tips, such as small credit cards and ensuring no payments are ever missed, you can have a savings account as a kind of ‘buffer’ account. By ensuring that you’ve always got some money stored away, you can stop any negative impacts on your credit rating.


Should You Be Using Investor Trading Apps?

It’s becoming more and more common nowadays to see investor trading apps popping up. From smart, no-nonsense adverts for safe investments to bizarre endorsements from Alec Baldwin with a sock puppet, investor trading appears to be much more accessible to more people nowadays, offering almost anyone the opportunity to create an investment portfolio.

While movies like The Wolf of Wall Street can make stock trading a daunting prospect, investor trading apps makes stock trading something significantly easier to break into. Gone are the days where suit-clad businessmen smoking pipes in lounges were the only ones who understood the stock market, nowadays you can comfortably make wise investments from your sofa by using one of the many different investor trading apps.

But what investor trading apps are out there, and which one should you consider? Is it worth the time, effort and risk of losses for only a small amount of investments? And are there investments you can consider without risking too much? These are the questions that MyMulah will be answering today.

What are Micro-Investments?

The ideal starting place for first-time investors or those not looking to sink too much capital into any risky ventures, ‘micro-investments’ are considered small stock investments that are either controlled by specific apps or made with small amounts of cash. Considered a fantastic tool for millennials looking to make their money work for them a little more, micro-investments are usually controlled by investor trader apps that take a lot of the decision making out of stock trading.

A few great examples of this would be Acorns and Stash, which require either minuscule payments like pennies or a one-time investment of $5, that essentially makes a portfolio based on your lifestyle and your goals for investments. Conservative investors looking to make small but safe bets, aggressive investors aiming to take risks with larger investments and everything in-between is catered to by these apps, with the cost often being a tiny percentage of your profits or a monthly subscription fee that rarely breaks a $5 note.

Many specialist micro-investment apps offer would-be investors different benefits, such as the free to join WiseBanyan or the transaction fee-less Robinhood, yet these are generally considered to be the first steps that investors make towards serious stock trading. They’re not so much ‘training’ apps as they are lower stake apps, but they’re certainly worth considering if you’re on the fence about investor trading apps as a whole.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin & Intangible Currency?

When it comes to investments, many people consider looking into cryptocurrency; some seeing it as the new gold rush of quick profits to be made. While cryptocurrency isn’t entirely unlike the rising or plummeting stock markets, it’s a different kind of beast, one that requires a whole different mindset when investing in. Stocks directly correlate to market trends and perceived value for companies or items, whilst cryptocurrency can fluctuate wildly in value, often becoming worthless rather quickly.

The ‘science’ behind cryptocurrency is considerably different from stocks and compared to stocks, cryptocurrency is a relatively new creation. Cryptocurrency as a concept was created almost a decade ago in 2009 and was created by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, a name that’s never been tied to one person, and is widely considered to be a pseudonym for a group of people. It was designed as a way to prevent ‘double-spending’, which refers to when online transactions, are abused to essentially spend the same currency twice. 

Despite this original purpose, cryptocurrency has become almost synonymous with gigantic payouts, with pop culture often depicting it as something that can be generated via computers, stockpiled and then sold as a huge profit. While this isn’t a completely foreign result of dealing with cryptocurrency, it’s much less reliable of a result of dealing with cryptocurrency than handling stocks. 

However, some financial experts have seen that cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum has been more or less completely unaffected by real-world complications like COVID, so cautious investments are considered a safe bet. This is particularly true for Bitcoin as the moment, as global recognition of the currency has made it transferable to Euros, granting an easy measure of how well your investment is performing.

What Safe Investments Should I Consider?

With COVID appearing to be a problem that’ll likely spill over into next year, 2021 is predicted to be a volatile year for investments. While taking risks should always be considered with due diligence, 2021 may require a few more safe bets when it comes to stocks, which is why investing in stocks that are largely unchanged and virtually unshakable may be beneficial to your portfolio. 

Though you won’t become an overnight millionaire with such safe investments, precious metals such as gold and silver rarely, if ever, fluctuate or decrease in value, which makes them brilliant hedge investments. As aforementioned though, you’ll never see worthwhile returns unless you take some risks with investments, so be careful not to stagnate your portfolio just with the likes of precious metals. Many experts say that approximately 10% of your portfolio should consist of metals, yet this 10% could make a difference in the long run during a turbulent year. 

Naturally, you’ll encounter many different types of ‘safe investments’ whilst exploring the stock market, ranging from successful businesses to essential goods, yet it’s worth noting that any serious investment returns from these ventures may require much more starting capital. For example, investing in Apple will more likely than not yield a profit, yet even buying one share could cost tens or hundreds as times as much as a lesser-known competitor.


Payday Loans: The Saviour in Times of Need

With the day to day living cost of South Africa continuing to rise at an alarming rate more and more people are depending on loans to handle medical emergencies, unexpected expenses and cash flow problems.

However, bank loans can take a long time to materialise and the four major banks of South Africa have started to cut back on lending now that the South African consumer market has gone down. This has lead to a staggering number of people having to depend on mashonisas, or informal loan sharks, which leaves the borrower without any legal protection.

It is much better to take a short term loan from a certified credit agency like Mulah, a secure, lower-interest credit funding platform.

Mulah have created this handy infographic to help show the urgency of Payday Loans and how they can help you handle a range of unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies, cash flow problems and travel expenses in a way that is responsible and protects you.

If you are interested in how a Mulah short term loan work, then take a look at the “How it Works” section or contact us with any questions.


Obtain Quick Loans Online – Hassle-free!

Nothing is quite as satisfying as applying for a loan and receiving instant approval and payout. Of course, this seems like a pipe dream for many, but at Mulah, we are dedicated to these types of quick loans. With us there is no waiting around through hours of torture, worrying that you might need to make another financial plan. Once we receive your application, we will process it quickly and ensure that you are advised on the outcome. We handle our payouts with efficiency too. All loans that are approved before 3pm will be paid out on the same day. If you miss this though – rest assured that your loan will be paid out on the following day.

What are the requirements to apply for a Mulah loan? Applying for a loan with us is quite simple and the requirements are fairly easy to meet with. You will need to be a South African citizen who is 21 years of age or older. You will need to have a permanent job that pays your salary into a bank account, as well as your own valid email address and telephone number. We will also need your banking details and your ID number, so make sure that you have these available for us, when you process your application.

There is nothing confusing or daunting about taking out a loan with us. We make the entire process as simple as possible, in order to cater to your needs. The online application process is quick and easy. Once you have selected your loan amount, the loan period and found the offered loan amount with interest and incurred fees acceptable, you can continue to the application process. Here, we will need your personal particulars, which will take just a few minutes to provide. Then there is no waiting around. We will quickly process your application and advise you of the outcome.

The best part is, once you have taken out a loan with Mulah and handled your account well, you are eligible to apply for a higher loan amount in the future. It is always convenient to know that you have a reliable fall back plan, in case you are faced with further financial difficulties in the future.

If you are a first time lender and are not sure of the process or what is expected of you, we can help. We have a real-time chat system available on our website, where you can chat directly to our consultants and get instant answers. This will make choosing the right loan and making the right decision for your finances simpler.

At Mulah, we offer our clients the opportunity to truly benefit from quick loans. We encourage you to take the time to contact us directly via email or telephone, in order to discuss your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can apply for your loan on our website and prepare to receive the financial aid that you require. Mulah is the place to go for fast, convenient and reliable cash loans.


Obtain Quick Cash Loans Designed for Convenience

It is the time of the month where payday seems to be decades away, and unexpected expenses and emergencies keep popping up. With all of the general daily stresses and strain, it can seem like these financial hurdles just cannot be conquered, but they can be! With Mulah cash loans, you can eliminate the extra financial stress and benefit from easy payment terms with reasonable interest rates attached.

What makes Mulah different from other financial lending institutions? We act fast! There is no waiting around for approvals and payouts. We understand the nature of financial worries and will ensure that your loan application is processed swiftly and that you are kept in the loop from the very moment that you make contact with us. Of course, our online system makes loan applications a simple task. All you need to do is select the amount you that want to loan – a maximum of R2 000 for first-time lenders – and then choose how long you would like to make the loan for – you will need to repay the loan on your next payday. You will be immediately presented with your loan offer, including the interest and fees involved. If you are happy with this amount, then it is time to register online and apply. The entire process will just take a few minutes of your time and can make all of the difference to your financial situation.

Once you have registered for an account, we can consider your application. Loan applications that are approved before 3pm can be paid out instantly, so make sure that you send your application through as early as possible. Of course, if you miss the 3pm cut off, there is nothing to worry about – your loan will be paid out the next day.

When it comes to finances, we understand that it can be scary to ask for help. You will have a multitude of worries and questions, and we cater to this. On our website, we ensure that our agents are available to chat instantly with you. This means that you can have a real time conversation with a professional in the industry. Making an informed and educated decision is made a simple task with the assistance of our team.

In an attempt to make the process even more convenient for you, there is no need to remember to physically make a payment on your next payday. When your loan is approved, we will activate a debit order that will collect the repayment from your bank account. This is just another way in which we are keeping it simple.

When it comes to shopping around for cash loans that will offer you something of value, Mulah is at the forefront of it all. Our team has your best interests at heart and it is our goal to ensure that you are provided with the much needed financial assistance when you need it the most – with no extra hassles and stresses involved. We encourage you to register online or contact us via email or telephone – your financial stability awaits you.


Easy Loans – Apply Online and Get the Cash You Need Today!

What is it about Mulah that sets us apart from the rest? The answer is simple – we offer easy loans that are precisely that – easy. At Mulah, we focus our attention on being efficient and professional. When you need cash in a hurry, we are the team to approach. We will quickly process your application and ensure that you are faced with no hassles, hiccups or red tape along the way.

What makes our process different and so easy? For starters, there is a simple 3 step process involved in acquiring the cash you need. The first step is to take some time making use of our slider calculator, in order to select the amount you would like to loan. This calculator will use your next pay day and the amount you wish to loan to calculate the final amount you will need to pay back, including the interest. Once you have done this, you can proceed with completing the online loan application form, which will take just a few minutes of your time. The final step is to wait for us to transfer the requested funds into your account.

Of course, there are a few requirements that you must meet with, if you want your loan application to be approved. Only South African citizens who are 21 years or older may apply for a loan. You must also have a permanent job with your salary paid into your bank account each month. All loans are repaid via debit order, so you won’t even need to worry about making a manual payment to settle your outstanding amount.

Generally, we only supply loan amounts of up to R2 500, but if you continue to renew your loan amount and handle your repayments well, you can earn trust points, which can soon see you eligible for loaning greater amounts of up to R8 000.

If for some reason you cannot repay your loan, there is a R50 service fee charged on your account along with 5% interest for every month that your payment lapses. It is best to keep in touch with us and inform us if you feel that you cannot honour your payment, so that the necessary arrangements can be made for you.

The Mulah brand is one that is synonymous with speedy application processing, friendly assistance and getting the cash you need when you need it most. We do not ask questions and our system is designed to quickly analyse your application, and provide us with answers regarding your loan and the amount that we can offer you. Take the time to apply for a loan with us and you will not regret it.

If you are looking for a company that offers easy loans that you can complete online and without hassle, then Mulah is just the place to go. Our team is standing by to assist you in any way possible, in order to ensure that you are provided with the much needed cash. If you are unsure of the process or have any questions for us, feel free to chat to us directly at Mulah.


Quick Online Loans Made Simple with Mulah

Not having access to cash when you need it the most can be frustrating. If you do not have a savings or emergency fund to fall back on, you will need to look into taking out a loan. If you are looking for quick online loans, then you have come to just the right place. At Mulah, we believe in providing our clients with the opportunity to take out a loan, without all the hassle and red tape that they might expect when approaching other financial institutions, such as the bank.

The Mulah loans process is completely simple and you only need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Use the slider calculator on our website to select the amount that you would like to loan.
  2. Fill out our online application form to register online. This will take just a few minutes of your time.
  3. Wait for us to transfer the approved amount into your bank account.

It really is that simple! When registering for a loan with us, we will ensure that the payment is collected from you on the due date, via debit order.

Who can apply for a Mulah loan? Only South African citizens who are 21 years of age or older can apply for a loan with us. You must have a permanent job with a regular income that is paid into your bank account too. In order for us to keep in touch with you and to keep you updated, you will need a valid email address and cell phone contact number.

First time clients at Mulah can loan as much as R2 500. If you continue to take out loans and repay them on time, we will increase your trust rating. This means that in time, you can qualify to loan as much as R8 000. Your loan needs to be repaid in full on your next pay day and by using the slider calculator, you can quite easily see just how much interest you will be required to pay. There are of course penalties if you do not settle the outstanding amount. You will be expected to pay a R50 service fee and 5% interest will be added to the outstanding amount for every month that lapses.

If you are unsure of anything along the way, at any time, we have a great online chat feature for you to make use of. We encourage you to have a chat with us about your needs and your application. You are sure to find our team members to be friendly, reliable and knowledgeable on loans and how they work. This ensures that we can impart sound financial advice with you and will also guarantee that you are only granted with a loan amount that you can afford.

At Mulah, we will ensure that you are provided with quick access to loans that are easy to apply for, and have simple repayment arrangements and terms attached. Take the time to apply for an online loan with us, and prepare to benefit from same-day payouts and efficiency that will not let you down.


Same Day Loans and Quick Loans – What Mulah Is All About!

More often than not, it is the waiting involved when applying for a loan that is the most stressful part. Let’s face it, not all financial lending institutions put too much emphasis on getting loan applications processed and paid out quickly, but at Mulah, that’s precisely what we do! We understand the nature of last minute expenses and the need for quick loans and we put our understanding to good use by presenting a loan model that works for everyone. Same day loans have never been easier to achieve! At Mulah, all loans applied for and approved by 3pm can be paid out on the very same day. What’s more is that the loan will be paid over to you via direct deposit which means that the cash will be instantly available in your bank account.

While the concept of being able to acquire the much needed cash quickly is exciting, there are a few serious details that you will need to take care of beforehand. Firstly, in order to apply for a loan you need to visit our website and select the loan amount and repayment date on our front page. The system will calculate the repayment amount for you and on acceptance of this, the application can begin. We will of course require your personal information such as full names, ID number and banking details. Once the application is sent to us, simply wait to hear from one of our friendly consultants.

In order to apply for a loan you will need to meet with certain criteria too. The following is expected:

  • You must be a South African citizen and over the age of 18 years.
  • You must be permanently employed at the same business for no less than 3 months.
  • Your salary must be paid into your bank account.
  • You must have a clear credit record with no judgements against your name.

At Mulah, we want nothing more than to ensure that you get the cash you need – when you need it. Our team works fast without compromising on quality and will ensure that you application is quickly reviewed and processed for your convenience.

The repayment which is expected on your next pay day is organised via a debit order and if you wish to top up your loan before the next repayment date, then one of our friendly consultants can assist you with this.

How Much Can You Loan?

At Mulah, we don’t want to tie our clients into long term contracts with uncomfortable repayment terms. For this reason we only offer bridging cash in amounts from R500 to R2 500 maximum. This ensures that you can acquire the much needed cash assistance and still be able to pay it back with ease at the end of the month. If you are unable to repay your loan, certain penalties are attached.

We encourage you to take the time to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements. When it comes to same day loans or quick loans when you need cash in a hurry, we are just the team to turn to.


Are You Looking for Easy Cash Loans? Call Mulah Today!

The time for needing extra cash in a hurry is never convenient. Unfortunately, unexpected expenses are quite simply just that: unexpected. We cannot plan for them and if you are in the same situation as most of the South African population and don’t have a hefty savings to fall back on, you are going to need cash loans available to you. So, if it is easy loans you are looking for, you have come to just the right place.

Mulah is unlike any other financial lending institution you have encountered. We ensure that our loan application and approval process is as quick and hassle free as possible for our clients. Pay-outs very often happen on the same day that the application was made (as long as the application is received before 3pm) and the cash is made instantly available via a direct deposit into your bank account.

How Does Our Loan Model Work?

It is quite simple. You apply for the loan and on approval, you will be provided with the much needed cash. Of course you will have already been informed of just how much interest is involved and how much you will be expected to pay back. Loans are paid back on your next pay day and there is no need for you to manually pay anyone – we set everything up for you and ensure that a debit order is set in place.  We don’t believe in long term contracts and tedious monthly repayments at Mulah and you can expect to be able to loan any amount up to R2500 from us.

If you are not entirely sure if taking out a loan with Mulah is for you, then why not direct some real time questions towards our loan consultants. You can access our live chat feature via our website which provides the perfect opportunity to ask the questions you have and to put your mind at ease.

The Mulah team is all about quick convenience. If you have access to the internet then you can apply for a loan with us. When it comes down to serious details, we will require your ID number, full names and banking details. It is best to let us know if you have any judgements against your name or if you have been blacklisted, in advance. If you do apply online and your application is denied, don’t be disappointed. You can appeal the process and we will personally take a look at your application and details. We will, however, require further information from you such as your latest payslip, 3 months bank statements and a brief motivational letter. We also offer our clients the opportunity to top up their loan if they wish to acquire a little bit more before the repayment date.

When it comes to easy loans, we at Mulah are the professionals. Our cash loans are designed to help you out of a sticky financial situation and you can expect our friendly consultants to be there for you every step of the way. We encourage you to make contact with us at Mulah to discuss your needs and requirements and to set in place a quick and easy cash loan that will be beneficial to you.


Payday Cash Loans – Apply Online Today!

With the nature of loans, because of financial institutions and banks in current times being what they are, the average person might find it a bit overwhelming to apply for a loan, especially if only a small amount is required. At Mulah, we understand how stressful it can be in tough times when you need a bit of bridging cash to get you from one payday to the next. Perhaps you need to settle an unexpected expense or maybe an emergency presents itself – whatever the case may be, at Mulah we offer payday loans that present convenience to our clients.

Cash loans have never been simpler to apply for. If you are permanently employed and your salary is paid into your bank account, we welcome you to apply for a short term loan on our website. Simply select the amount that you need, your repayment period and we will supply you with a repayment amount. If you are happy with the proposed repayment amount, simply complete the application form with your personal details and we will process your application for you.

All approved loan applications before 3pm will be paid directly into your bank account on the very same day. The loan amount is made immediately available to you for your convenience. Even though there are no lengthy contracts in place, you will be expected to settle the amount via debit order on your next payday. Failure to do so of course has its terms and penalties attached.

There are a few minimum requirements that you must meet with in order to take out a loan with us. They are as follows:

  • Applicants must be over the age of 21 years.
  • You must have a valid email address and cell phone number.
  • You must be a South African citizen.
  • Authorise credit checks to be taken against your name.

We believe in responsible lending, which means that we cannot grant loans to individuals who we believe will not be able to repay the loaned amount. We are registered with the NCR and are in full compliance with all legislative requirements. We understand that our clients might not understand technical jargon and industry related terms and conditions. For this reason we promise our clients the following:

  • An easy to understand application process.
  • All fees are noted upfront so that there are no nasty surprises.
  • Loan documentation is simple and easy to understand.
  • All quotes are valid for 5 days from presentation.

At Mulah the lending process is kept simple for those who want payday loans and cash loans that are approved and paid out on the same day. We encourage you to take the time to get in touch with one of our consultants or to complete the application form on our website so that we can further assist you in obtaining the financial aid that you require. Waste no more time shopping around – the best way to take out a loan is through us at Mulah – send us your application today.